The Startup Magazine Why Your Business Should Purchase a Dedicated Retreat Location

When you think of a “company retreat,” what immediately comes to mind? Is it one of those generic hotel packages that involve team-building exercises all day in a hotel conference room? Yeah, for a lot of people, this is what they think of, but no one actually likes these. If you want to attract talent, keep your employees, and boost morale, then you need something better (if you have the means, that is). Honestly, this is a pretty nice incentive at that. So why not get a dedicated retreat?

dedicated retreat location

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This is actually something that’s pretty common, especially in countries like Japan. They’ll own a piece of property (such as near a beach or forest), and it’s for their team members to still have meetings, bond, and just let loose. There are plenty of modern estates for sale, and these don’t even need to be expensive either, nor do they even need to be fancy! 

So, with that said, this just might need to be the big business investment you’d been looking for. But how could this still be beneficial, though? Well, here’s everything you need to know!

You’re Saving Money in the Long Run

While purchasing a retreat location requires a significant upfront investment, it can result in substantial cost savings over time compared to renting venues for multiple retreats. If you’re planning to make regular retreats for your company or even allow some of them to have little team-building escapes, then this definitely something to look into. 

So, just by owning a dedicated retreat property, you eliminate rental fees, accommodation costs, and other expenses associated with offsite retreats. Over the years, these savings can add up, making the initial investment in a retreat location a financially savvy decision for your business.

Convenience and Accessibility 

Does anyone actually like to search for venues and hotels for company retreats? How about comparing costs? No one does! Having a dedicated retreat location provides convenience and accessibility for your team members; you just don’t have to think or worry about any of this stuff. 

Your retreat property can be tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of your business, with amenities and facilities designed to facilitate productive meetings, team-building activities, and relaxation. After all, you buy it, so you must know exactly what you want to get out of it. It’s like a vacation home; you don’t have to search for hotels when you have the convenience of already owning this piece of property. 

There’s More Customization

This isn’t a timeshare or a rental; you own this. While you might be limited to your office (if you’re renting), you have more freedom for your retreat property. So, when you own a retreat location, you have full control over the design, decor, and branding of the space, allowing you to create a unique environment that reflects your company culture and values. 

Just think about it for a moment: you’re going to have some options like branded signage and corporate colors to customized meeting spaces and recreational areas; your retreat property can serve as an extension of your brand identity, reinforcing your message and vision to employees and stakeholders.

It’s an Investment in Employee Well-Being

A retreat is just that; it’s meant to be an actual retreat, a small getaway. So, you need to keep in mind that employee well-being is a top priority for businesses seeking to attract and retain top talent. You need to prove to them how important they are. So, with that said, having a dedicated retreat is truly going to demonstrate to them that you have a commitment to their health and happiness. 

But it’s not as easy as buying a beach house or a cabin in the woods; you need to prove to them that this is going to be a peaceful and rejuvenating space for relaxation and recreation. While you don’t need to splurge on fancy things like a spa, gym, or even a meditation area, there needs to be something to show that this is a relaxing space, not just for team building. 

The whole point is to show that your retreat property is offering the opportunity for your employees to recharge and unwind, ultimately boosting morale, productivity, and job satisfaction.

There’s the Aspect of Reliability 

Sometimes, other businesses aren’t reliable, and that even goes for those in the hospitality industry. In general, renting venues for offsite retreats can be unpredictable, with availability, quality, and pricing varying from location to location. So, just by owning a dedicated retreat property, you ensure consistency and reliability in the retreat experience for your team members.  Honestly, this alone makes it so worth it!

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