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Constructing Worldwide Networks for Entrepreneurs. Connecting You with Expert Mentors and Savvy Investors


Utilize our extensive network of partners and expert team to expand your venture through our premier startup accelerator program

Venture Studio

Our expertise guides entrepreneurs in evolving their ideas into leading-edge technology corporations of tomorrow

Sustainability Seed

A remote-first pre/seed funding initiative for green-tech startups, offering worldwide solutions for sustainability

Collaborating with You to Unlock Your Full Potential

Our team partners intimately with founders from the inception of their product through to the subsequent phases of business evolution. We provide insights on effective strategies for product expansion, revenue enhancement, and capital acquisition. As a global collective, we offer comprehensive expertise essential for founders, encompassing areas such as product development, technology, design, growth strategies, branding, talent acquisition, financial management, and strategic partnerships


We engage in-depth with founders to comprehend their objectives and needs, guaranteeing that the product we introduce to the market catalyzes significant revenue growth


We customize every facet of the product experience, from the color schemes to user engagement, to align perfectly with your audience demographics, ensuring that the end result is not only a perfect fit but also visually stunning


Our streamlined, interdisciplinary teams expedite the deployment of progressive web and mobile solutions. Furthermore, the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning is central to our strategic approach


We conduct extensive testing on early versions of our products, fine-tuning functionalities and the overall user experience based on direct feedback. This approach is crucial before we expand our designs to meet increasing user numbers & market integration

Transforming Visions into Tangible Success: Our Expertise in Crafting Your Dream Business

Our group of seasoned mentors and operators brings a wealth of experience in industry, investment, and entrepreneurial ventures, offering dedicated assistance to propel your journey swiftly as your team expands

Elevate Your Vision into a Prosperous Business Reality

Our partners and mentors boast a history of founding and managing leading internet companies. Our goal is for you to leverage our extensive expertise in team leadership, product development, fundraising, navigating mergers and acquisitions, and scaling infrastructure. This is aimed at significantly enhancing your execution and reducing your time-to-market, while helping you avoid the pitfalls we’ve encountered.

We hold our dual roles as founders and operators in high regard. Each member of our team is actively engaged in managing a technology enterprise, equipping us with a deep understanding of the universal challenges faced by entrepreneurs

The Founders

Vision Without Action Is a
Daydream & Action With Without Vision
Is a Nightmare

Fahad al Sufayeh Founder

Brings to the table over 22 years of invaluable experience in the media and entertainment industries, being instrumental in the growth of numerous successful companies. His enduring dedication to helping businesses reach their full potential, along with his firm commitment to enriching the corporate world with inclusivity and diversity, exemplifies his pursuit of excellence

Omid Rahravani CEO

With a substantial 23-year background in the media and entertainment fields, Mr. Rahravani has a proven track record of success in formulating and applying effective corporate strategies. His enduring drive to enhance business growth is matched by his dedication to forging sustainable partnerships with our esteemed clients


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