The Startup Magazine When is the Right Time to Hire a Health Insurance Attorney?

Health insurance covers medical and surgical expenses incurred by the insured. It can also cover other healthcare-related costs, such as preventive care, prescription drugs, and mental health services. Forbes says that an estimated 304 million Americans, or 92.1%, had health insurance at some point in 2022. A recent survey shows that approximately 60% of health insurance claims are initially denied.

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It can be very frustrating and overwhelming to be informed that a business insurance claim has been denied. Health insurance attorney Mark Boesen states that when you’re facing health insurance claims, you have your rights and you’re not alone in this. 

The following discussion outlines the situations in which hiring a health insurance attorney is important. You should also be aware of when it is appropriate to consult an attorney, especially when dealing with a denied claim, new and unclear policy language, or a disagreement with an insurance company.

Denied Health Insurance Claims

If your health insurance claims have been turned down, consultation with a health insurance attorney is important. Working towards getting a reasonable understanding of the insurance appeals process will enable you to follow it appropriately. 

Insurance companies’ representatives: A lawyer practices how to handle insurance companies and can assist in obtaining the proper coverage. These professionals have adequate knowledge of health insurance laws and regulations, the majority of which are so hard to grasp if one has to go through the process independently.

The initial step in addressing a denied claim is to read the denial letter carefully and with deference. It is therefore crucial to find out why exactly the appeal was denied so as to enable one to present the most appropriate appeal. Your attorney will assist you in obtaining all the necessary paperwork, medical evidence, and any other proof that may be needed for your case. They will help you construct a solid argument, which you need to lay out during the process.

Delayed Medical Treatment Approvals

Getting approval for your medical treatment takes time and can be a very isolating experience from the system, and it has a negative effect on your health. In this case, while the insurance company is always involved when it comes to health problems, you are left waiting for approval from that company. Such delays can result in the deterioration of diseases, more suffering, and treatment that is not timely or may not be optimal.” If you have any of these concerns, they should be raised early, and, thereby, you will get help when you need it.

If the particular matter that you are more likely to address is about a prolonged denial of medical treatment approvals, then, you could turn to help from a health insurance attorney due to the approximate and intricate procedures. They need to be able to negotiate on your behalf as well as liaise with the insurance providers so as to fast track the process. This will also help you to have a better chance of getting those approvals on time and make sure that the treatments that you need do not get delayed, which may lead to some serious health repercussions.

Coverage Disputes and Appeals

In the event that an insurer declines to offer the service that you need or pay for a particular treatment, then it is advisable to read through your health insurance policy in order to understand whether the denial is actually warranted. If you agree with that, it may be said that it is incorrect or unfair, and then you have a right to appeal against the decision.

When initiating the appeals process, it will be useful to gather the necessary documents, that include the denial letter, medical records, and the communication you had with the insurance company. Build a support base focusing on presentation of policy coverage and medical necessity for treatment. 

Bear in mind, the process may be long, as appeals can also take some months to be resolved at most. In case of challenges or complexities at any advanced stage of the process, seeking advice from a health insurance attorney is important to effectively handle the legal procedures involved in coverage issues and the entitlements you are entitled to.

Provider Network Limitations

If you want to maximize your benefits and avoid unexpected expenses, you need to fully understand the restrictions between your health insurers. Your insurance plan may have a preferred health care provider with whom they have negotiated a discount. If you choose to receive care from an out-of-network provider, you may face significant costs or even no reimbursement at all for the services you have received.

Identifying the specific providers that are participating in your plan network is important to make sure you get the maximum coverage and benefits available. Before seeking treatment, take the time to confirm that the healthcare provider participates in your insurance. This simple step can save you the necessary financial burden later on.

Fraudulent Insurance Practices

It’s important to be alert to any signs of fraudulent insurance practices in your health care plan to protect yourself from potential financial and legal complications. Fraudulent insurance practices can manifest in a variety of ways, including unauthorized claims on your insurance, misrepresenting benefits, and bogus companies offering policies that seem attractive. It is also a common practice of fraud when insurers deny eligible claims without legitimate reasons or unreasonably delay payment.

If you suspect fraud from your health insurer, take immediate action. Start by carefully reviewing all communications and documentation related to your plan to identify any discrepancies. Contact your insurance company to get an understanding of any questionable fees or practices. Consider seeking legal advice from a health insurance lawyer if you are unhappy with their response or believe fraud is occurring.


If you’re facing denied claims, delayed approvals, coverage disputes, provider limitations, or insurance fraud, it may be time to hire a health insurance attorney. They can help navigate the complex world of health coverage and make sure you receive the care you deserve.

Don’t hesitate to seek legal help when dealing with these issues to protect your rights and make sure you have access to the healthcare you need.

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