The Startup Magazine Legal – How Real Estate Lawyers Support Business Clients

Real property is one of the most valuable assets a business can own. Due to this value, legal controls on the sale, purchase, and maintenance of real property are numerous and real estate legal help is warranted for business real estate transactions. 

real estate legal help

This is why it’s so important to use great care and diligence in choosing a real estate law firm to represent you. Key attributes you may want to look for include longstanding experience, expertise in your issue, and a sound, well-informed legal strategy.

In Los Angeles, one law firm surpasses all others: Lerner & Weiss, a full-service law firm. Since being founded, it has built a reliable reputation for providing solid legal advice to businesses in California. It’s led by Leonard Lerner and Michael Weiss, who have practiced law for a combined total of over 70 years and have represented businesses of various sizes.

Having practiced law in California for many decades, they have an acute understanding of the state and federal laws. When this expertise is coupled with their sharp commercial awareness, their clients benefit from prudent legal advice that advances their interests.

Well-versed in real estate law, the attorneys at Lerner & Weiss can help you secure more value for your investment and complete your real estate transaction in a legally compliant manner while mitigating future risks. There are several reasons you may need a real estate lawyer in Los Angeles. The following are examples of real estate issues that they can assist you with:

  1. Complex transactions: Large amounts of paperwork are involved in real estate transactions. This is why it’s important to work with someone who not only understands the requirements but can also help you safeguard your interests.
  1. Property taxes: Real property is heavily taxed. Property owners must pay a few different kinds of property taxes, such as capital gains tax, estate tax, or rental income tax. You are also required to pay certain taxes when buying, selling, or leasing property.
  1. Property disputes: If you’re renting out your property or are renting it from someone, you may get into disputes requiring legal assistance. For instance, as a landlord, you may be faced with unpaid rent, or as a tenant, you may be subject to unlawful eviction.
  1. Title issues: When purchasing property, you need to ensure that the title accurately indicates ownership. However, this is not as straightforward as it seems. The deed may not come with good title because of undiscovered liens, errors in public records, or unknown encumbrances. The deed may itself be illegal. A real estate lawyer will conduct title searches on your behalf, look for liens or encumbrances, and work with the opposite party to resolve defects in the title.

The lawyers at Lerner & Weiss have successfully advised hundreds of individuals and businesses through some of the most complex real estate transactions, issues, and disputes. They have extensive experience with resolving property disputes and ensuring that their clients get real estate legal help and the best deal.

They have earned a reputation as the best real estate lawyers in Los Angeles by achieving consistent success in and out of the courtroom. They pride themselves on finding mutually workable solutions at the negotiating table. However, if a solution is not found in the conference room, they don’t shy away from the courtroom. In court, they leverage their extensive knowledge and superior advocacy skills to secure the best judgment for their client.

If you or anyone you know is currently dealing with a complex real estate issue and is looking for a real estate lawyer in Los Angeles, feel free to reach out to the law offices of Lerner & Weiss.

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