The Startup Magazine How to Promote Your Fence Company This Year

If you are the owner or business manager of a fencing company, you may wonder how you can effectively market your business. According to IBISWorld, there are almost 320,000 U.S. companies that install fences, so you’ll need to make an effort to stand out among the competing fence companies in your area. A client searching for a fence contractor won’t choose your company unless it stands out. Here are some principles you should consider when planning your marketing campaign.

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Define Your Target Market

Advertising that is aimed at a widespread market may gather some random leads, but according to Mail Chimp, your marketing dollars are much better spent on identifying who your potential clients are likely to be. Consider who would be looking for a fence installation or may be needing fence repairs. As a suggestion, you might look for homeowners with children in neighborhoods where most homes have fences. Once you identify the target market, you can tailor your marketing to reach those people.

Create an Effective Website

Your company’s website will be your online ambassador. You’ll want it to attract the attention of potential fence clients and persuade your website visitors to call you for an appointment. One of the most effective ways to draw online clients to your website is through SEO (search engine optimization) methods. These methods carefully choose words and phrases of the content chosen for your website, in order to have that website appear as one of the top Google search responses.

Engage Interest With a Blog

In addition to listing your services and contact information on your site, you can ignite the interest of future clients with a monthly blog. You can feature the blog on the website or post it separately, in order to generate an additional source of web traffic. Use the blog for monthly topics related to fence care or lawn care. At the close of each blog, you can place a link directing its visitors to an interactive portal to make appointments for fence consultations.

Optimize Email Marketing

Whenever someone visits your website, you can have a pop up show for them to put in their email to get a newsletter. Your emails can include seasonal packages, product updates, and promotional offers. According to the Federation of Small Businesses, email marketing inspires a short-term urgency and a mental prompt for prospective clients. Using the knowledge you gleaned to identify your target market, you can strategically plan your email marketing content for maximum effect.

Collaborate With Networking Contacts

Networking can be an effective tool, linking your business to other contractors whose projects could provide an opportunity for your business. For example, a homeowner hiring a landscaping company would likely want a fence to protect their new yard. One popular networking tool is LinkedIn, a social network for business and career professionals. LinkedIn has more than 500 million members, giving you a wide source of potential supporters.

Attract Local Interest with Signs

When people drive through a neighborhood where one of your fences is being built, they can see your company’s sign, which should be displayed at your office and at each work site. Statistics show that almost 80% of Americans will associate a business with their memory of its design. Use an original, eye-catching logo on your signs. According to AGC Signs, make sure the sign stays visible at night to maximize the amount of time a passing new client might notice it.

Your marketing campaign will be a vital tool for increasing the growth of your client base. You can make a difference in the number of clients attracted to your business by your decisions about how and where you promote your business.

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