The Startup Magazine How office design can make your company more attractive to new employees?

Today’s labor market is extremely competitive, so companies are competing for top talent not only by offering financially rewarding opportunities, but also through work culture, values and workplace functionalities. Thorough preparation is recommended for designing the office space that will attract and retain highly qualified employees. It is essential to emphasize care for staff health and wellbeing, as well as office visual aspects with an attractive office design.

attractive office design

Most interviewees need only one minute after they enter an office to be able to judge whether they want to join a company, as they mainly take its appearance and mood into account. This only underscores the importance of the right workplace design for the company’s prospects, as it can significantly increase its attractiveness in the labor market.

Job interview: space matters

Just as what is said during a job interview can make a difference in the recruitment process, the fact where it is said is equally important. Choosing the right space like hushMeet, a fully-enclosed 4-user acoustic work and meet pod, can significantly raise the perceived value of a job offer. This space ensures quiet and separation from the typical office commotion, thus creating an atmosphere conducive to open and honest conversation. The pod incorporates soft sofas and an ergonomic table for having interviews in comfortable surroundings.

Hushoffice acoustic cabins and booths set up around the office floor sends a clear message to candidates coming in for an interview that the company pays a lot of attention to employee wellbeing and a suitable work environment. An attractive office design will have a big impact on a candidate’s impressions of the business.

attractive office design

Workplace environment is the most important factor affecting employee satisfaction

Workplace environment shapes employee satisfaction to a considerable degree, which is reflected in extensive research and studies on human resource management. The vast majority of professionals agree that the quality of their work increases greatly in well-designed spaces. Offices with dedicated spaces for collaboration, one-to-one work and online conversations can inspire creativity, facilitate interaction and support healthy workplace habits.

Quiet areas for relaxation and phone calls

Many employees claim that the office is an indicator of whether they are important to their employer, and its layout should meet the needs of the professionals who work there. Providing office spaces with soft armchairs, relaxation areas and dimmed lighting, quiet booths for naps, as well as terraces with comfortable benches and beautiful flowers, communicates clearly that employee wellbeing and taking regular breaks is something an organization cares about.

Achieving better sound conditions than those at home office, especially in spaces designed for conversation and video conferencing, is a key objective to support hybrid working. This kind of approach enhances comfort at work and contributes to an organizational culture that values work-life balance.

Flexible choice of workspace

Employers showing flexibility is an important feature for the generation of young talent in the job market. The Gensler’s U.S. WORKPLACE SURVEY 2022 study found that one of the reasons employees would like to return to the office is to be able to focus on their work [1]. Providing flexible solutions such as stand-up desks, whiteboards on casters, mobile acoustic partitions and single-user acoustic work booths like hushHybrid gives you the freedom to create a space that supports both individual work and collaboration.

A well-thought-out office space arrangement allows you to choose where to work to suit your current projects and preferences. By giving the choice of conventional workstations, collaborative zones and quiet rooms for focused conceptual work employers significantly improve the impression their office makes. This kind of environment signals openness to innovation and the individual needs of the team.

Open space and enclosed space

Contemporary offices often offer both open areas for collaboration and smaller, private spaces for conceptual work or video calls. An open space that supports the free exchange of ideas and collaboration is what employees expect from a hybrid office. These zones will be particularly important for those who value the ability of mutual interaction and the dynamics of teamwork.

The enclosed space provided by acoustic office cabins and booths can attract professionals looking for quiet, focus and privacy when doing the work that requires a high degree of careful attention.

Greenery and natural light are always appreciated

Natural light is an important part of an attractive office design, as it directly impacts the wellbeing of people who often spend up to eight hours a day in the office. Prospective employees find a workspace more attractive if all light-blocking barriers are removed, windows are covered with translucent materials and workstations are cleverly distributed close to windows. On the other hand, it should be stressed that inadequate artificial lighting adversely affects employee wellbeing.


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