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While traditional drive-thru fare has long been dominated by greasy, meat-heavy meals and limp lettuce on soggy sandwiches, Amy’s Drive Thru, brought to you by Amy’s Kitchen, is paving the way for a new era of proper plant-based indulgence on the road, bringing organic, vegetarian fare to the fast-food table. The fresher-fast-food concept has locations in Rohnert Park, San Francisco International Airport, and Corte Madera in California. And it’s a perfect way to indulge in veggie-packed fare for National Drive Thru Day on July 24.

National Drive Thru Day

Amy’s Drive Thru debuted in the Golden State in 2015 and made history as the nation’s first organic, vegetarian fast-food restaurant. On, it was declared “a labor of love that completely flipped American fast food upside down.”

The menu varies by location, but all of Amy’s Drive Thrus use non-GMO ingredients and offer standout staples such as the Amy, a mouthwatering double veggie patty sandwich loaded with double cheese, crisp lettuce, juicy tomato, savory onion, tangy pickles, and Fred Sr.’s secret sauce — a zesty blend of ketchup, mayo, and a hint of spice.

And there’s a new reason to flock to Amy’s Drive Thru: the brand’s newly launched Crispy Chick’n Sandwich, crafted with a hand-battered Chik’n patty, topped with house-made vegan ranch, fresh lettuce, and pickles. The patty, sourced from Daring Foods, offers a realistic chicken flavor profile. Soy is the base protein, and the Chick’n is both vegan and gluten-free. 

Tempting sides include comforting classics like sweet potato fries, organic mac ‘n’ cheese, and a whole range of organic milkshakes. Additional Amy’s Drive Thru options include organic chili and cheese fries, burritos, soups, pizzas, salads, and kids’ meals. 

Unlike most conventional drive-thru eateries, Amy’s Drive Thru caters to diverse dietary preferences, offering the opportunity to make any item on the menu gluten-free or vegan, ensuring that everyone can indulge in their delicious offerings.

 “Our passion is making great-tasting organic fast food convenient and accessible,” Andy Berliner declared in a press release. 

An Amy’s Kitchen spokesperson told the Today show website, “The goal for Amy’s Drive Thru is to make sure everyone that walks through the door, or drives up to the window, gets a great meal suited to their needs.”

The physical design of Amy’s Drive Thru restaurants is made with the same intention as the food. Symbios Ecotecture created eco-friendly, solar-paneled living roofs for Amy’s Drive Thru that bear vegetation and landscaping beds to mitigate stormwater and encourage wildlife to live and thrive there. Co-founder Rachel Berliner appreciates how Amy’s Drive Thru and its customized roofs are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

“It’s very special because, well, it keeps it cooler in the summer, and there are lots of bees and butterflies, and kids love to see it,” she said on “The Bite Goes On” podcast. “People love it.”

What People Are Saying About Amy’s Drive Thru

For over 30 years, Amy’s Kitchen has been a pioneering force in vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Co-founded by married couple Andy and Rachel Berliner, this family-owned company has grown from a veggie potpie into a culinary empire, offering a wide range of plant-based frozen meals, soups, and snacks that cater to diverse dietary needs and preferences.

As the demand for more sustainable and veggie-conscious options continues to rise, Amy’s Kitchen has become the go-to brand for conscious consumers seeking convenient yet nourishing foods on the go. 

On Tripadvisor, Jason F. expressed his love for Amy’s Drive Thru. “My family loves Amy’s. It’s my 4 year old’s favorite restaurant in the world (broccoli mac and cheese)! The experience is consistently awesome at Amy’s. Usually I get the spicy Amy’s burger but I think i had a veggie burger earlier in the day so I tried something different – the classic burrito. It was great!” 

A reviewer named Jose B. also bestowed a five-star rating. “There’s something for everyone and you don’t feel bad about eating any of it,” the Sacramento, California-based reviewer shared. “Nowhere else can you get a salad this fresh and filling. It’s a complete meal. And you can get it from the comfort of your car. 

“They don’t just have salads though. They have the absolute best chili cheese fries I have ever had. They are craveworthy all day everyday. Their range of menu items from satisfying personal pizzas, delicious burritos, and more, makes it easy to take the whole family!”

Sophie Branham revealed her appreciation for Amy’s Drive Thru to Medium.

I have been buying Amy’s products at the market for so long, but I had no idea they had a restaurant. And let me tell you it did not disappoint one bit!” Branham wrote. “Luckily for me, essentially everything can also be made vegan. We decided to stick with the classics and order burgers, fries, and a milkshake: the most perfect Saturday dinner combination! the best part by far was the vegan cheese! It was phenomenal: an amazing melt and zero of that weird nondairy cheese taste.”

The History of National Drive Thru Day

National Drive Thru Day traces its origins back to the early days of the automobile industry. As cars became more accessible and travel became more convenient, the concept of roadside eateries offering quick and portable meals took root. The first recorded drive-thru restaurant was The Pig Stand, which opened in Texas in 1921.

Over the decades, the drive-thru experience evolved into a cultural phenomenon, catering to the fast-paced lifestyles of modern society. Major fast-food chains like McDonald’s and Burger King capitalized on this trend, offering a vast array of burgers, fries, and sugary beverages to satisfy the cravings of hungry motorists.

For those in the California area, as you celebrate National Drive Thru Day this year, consider making a pit stop at one of Amy’s Kitchen drive-thru locations or seek out their products at your local grocery store. 

“The first day when we opened, people came in, and the kids, they were just so happy,” Rachel Berliner said. “I said, ‘Oh, this reminds me of when you go to Disneyland, and people just look at all the colors in the gardens, and they’re so happy.’”

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