The Startup Magazine 7 Surprising Ways to Start a Successful Real Estate Business

Think your future as an entrepreneur might just lie in real estate? Well, hold onto your property deeds, because I’m about to show you some not-so-conventional ways to get your slice of the real estate pie.

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  1. Renting Manufactured Mobile Homes

Think mobile homes are just for quirky sitcom characters or horror movie settings? Think again! Renting out manufactured mobile homes, which you can get from TRU Factory Direct Housing, can be a low-barrier entry point into the real estate market. These homes are often more affordable to purchase and maintain than traditional homes, and the demand for affordable housing isn’t going anywhere. Position them in appealing locales, and you’ve got yourself a cash flow generating asset that’s as mobile as your potential tenants’ lifestyle needs.

  1. House Hacking

Ever heard of house hacking? No, it doesn’t involve breaking into someone’s digital thermostat. It’s actually a nifty strategy where you buy a multi-unit property, live in one unit, and rent out the others. It’s like having your cake and eating it too—you gain investment property and dramatically reduce or even eliminate your own housing costs!

  1. Vacation Rentals in Odd Locations

While everyone else is fighting over properties in Hawaii or Florida, turn your gaze to less obvious spots. Think renting out a charming cabin near a national park, or a quirky houseboat on a popular lake. Sometimes, the weirdest properties catch the eye of vacationers looking for a unique getaway, setting you apart from the sea of standard vacation rentals.

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  1. Flip Unusual Spaces

Flipping houses is cool, but have you tried flipping something a little more unconventional? We’re talking old schools, barns, or churches turned into stunning homes. These properties can often be acquired for a song, and with the right vision, transformed into unique living spaces that command top dollar. Just make sure you check the zoning laws unless you want a surprise visit from the city planner.

  1. Real Estate for the Ghost Hunters

Yes, you read that right. With the rise in popularity of paranormal tourism, marketing properties with a “haunted” history could attract thrill-seekers and ghost enthusiasts. It’s a niche market, but hey, niche is rich! Just be sure to stock up on sage and maybe throw in a few ghost stories as a signing bonus.

  1. Leverage Local Art

Inject some local culture into your properties by collaborating with local artists to feature their work. This not only supports the local art scene but also adds unique charm to your properties, making them more attractive to potential buyers or renters who are looking for something beyond beige walls.

  1. Offer Eco-Friendly Homes

As more people jump on the eco-conscious bandwagon, offering homes with sustainable features can be a real selling point. Solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems, and energy-efficient appliances could be the ticket to attracting a green-minded clientele.

So, there you have it—a few surprising ways to carve out your niche in the real estate world that allow you to maybe be a bit more unique!

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