The Startup Magazine 5 Tips for Getting Your Moving Company Off the Ground

Opening and running a successful moving company startup takes dedication and hard work. If you’re attempting to launch a moving company, there are a few tips you’ll want to keep in mind to stay ahead of the existing competition. The more involved you are with the moving industry, the easier it’ll be to set and achieve your most important business goals.

moving company startup

1. Conduct Adequate Market Research

Knowing where you intend to launch your moving company is essential, especially if you’re interested in maximizing your reach and revenue generation potential. In just 2019, it’s estimated that more than 31 million individuals in America alone moved, according to Census data. Conducting adequate market research will help determine which region of the country will be best for you to thrive, attract new clients, and succeed. Use relevant and updated research to ensure you’re making the most informed decision.

2. Develop a High-Quality Website

When it comes to the credibility of a business today, approximately 48% of people surveyed cited that a website’s design is the number one factor in determining the overall credibility of a company or venture. Developing an online presence with a brand-new official website can help your moving company startup stand out, especially if you’re thinking of operating in an area that is already rife with competition. Developing a high-quality website is also a way for you to appear more professional and trustworthy while you’re attempting to establish yourself for the first time. When you have a high-quality website, it’s also much easier to track visitor behavior, user demographics, and needs, which can go a long way in developing a working marketing strategy in the future.

3. Use a Social Media Marketing Strategy

The right marketing strategy can mean the difference between failure and success. The most engaged audiences spend approximately 76 times more on advertised services and products they discover online. Using a digital and social media marketing strategy will also help you reach potential clients while streamlining the process of promoting the services you intend to offer. A social media marketing strategy will also help you reach users online who you may have otherwise missed out on by restricting yourself to offline marketing tactics alone.

4. Collect References and Referrals

Building a moving company that is trusted and known will require references and referrals, especially if you’re just working to get it off the ground. Collect references and referrals from those you know and those you’ve worked for in the past to help build a positive and professional reputation for your moving company startup. Asking those you’ve worked for in the past for a recommendation or testimonial for your website can also help with attracting new clients, especially once you’re seeking a brand-new lineup for your year of work.

5. Develop Your Portfolio

Developing a portfolio is also necessary when you’re building a moving company, especially when you’re doing so for the very first time. In addition to requesting references and referrals from previous clients, also request permission to showcase photos of your work, supplies, and equipment. Building a printed and physical portfolio along with a digital portfolio will help you expand your reach as you build a trustworthy and professional brand reputation for your moving company, regardless of where you’re located at the time or intend to operate.

Developing a successful moving company startup is not typically an overnight endeavor, but it’s possible with the right vision, mindset, and an understanding of your target clientele’s needs. When you follow and study the trends of the moving and real estate industries, you’re much more likely to remain successful anytime you’re attempting to market or sell properties. When you know what to expect each new year, you can plan to protect your business and any decisions you make.

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