The Startup Magazine 3 Vital But Simple Methods Of Achieving Business Goodwill

The impact of goodwill cannot be overstated. It can lead to brand loyalty, it can even forgive small mistakes and missteps that your brand makes. Goodwill can help you curate long-term clients, often derived from initial short-term customers. However, too many businesses misunderstand business goodwill. They can easily promise the world and never really live up to the impression they set, which creates the inverse of goodwill, irritation, and that can be harder to shift.

business goodwill

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In other words, it’s important to never take goodwill for granted and to also assume there are no shortcuts for getting there. Those we sell to aren’t automatons we have to feed with the right ingredients to work, after all, instead treating them like sharp individuals who know what they’re looking for is wise.

So, let’s consider three simple, but enduring methods of achieving goodwill, utilizing all of the criteria we’ve discussed above to achieve that outcome. Without further ado, please consider:

Celebration Notes

You’d be amazed at how timely communication can allow for a good feeling on behalf of your customers. For example, you might place a handwritten thank you note in order boxes surpassing a certain value. Or, you might put out flyers or postcards to wish people well during the holiday season. Little celebratory notes like this show that you’re a human firm first, caring about the impact you have and the people who contributed to your year of trading. People tend to like feeling appreciated, and you don’t even have to “fake this through marketing,” a calm thanks will always win out.

No-Loss Policies

More and more companies are implementing no-loss policies in how they conduct or attract business. In other words, if let’s say you’re less than impressed with a product. Many firms will now give you a full refund without you having to return the item, or apologizing and asking if anything can be done for your next order while doing the same. It’s this “or your money back” guarantee that can showcase you’re not only marketing customer satisfaction, but that you really care for it. This can help turn a negative experience into a positive, which as you can imagine, really does improve goodwill.

Flexible Payment Options

In a cost of living crisis, it can be very healthy to give people more options to pay. That might mean offering invoice payment periods, or even splitting bills into two. Of course, do your best not to push those credit or financing options unless it’s an ethical payment processing option in your industry already – for example, financing can sometimes be used for home appliances so people can afford what they need more easily. Flexible payment options, perhaps even with subscription programs, makes your service or product set more accessible, and this in itself can allow for goodwill. This needs to be backed up with clear communication and also very clear terms, so no one will ever feel tricked into choosing one option over another. The more freedom you give clients, the more they tend to appreciate it.

With this advice, you’re certain to achieve business goodwill, without any shortcuts.

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