The Startup Magazine 3 Common Types of Car Accidents in Fayetteville: Can a Lawyer Help?


Car accidents in any place around the globe lead to havoc. Other than a set of minor to major physical injuries, such mishaps also lead to emotional trauma. Coupled with that, there is the constant stress of getting compensated for the loss and suffering that victims have endured. Your personal and business life becomes upended. Even though a lawyer helps victims get their fair compensation, there can still be legal complications and delays that one might not expect and your work life will also be disrupted.

Fayetteville car accidents

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Close to 38,000 die in car accidents annually in the United States. Additionally, data from the NHTSA reveals that in 2020, there were almost 638 traffic fatalities recorded in Arkansas. Out of those, about 445 took place in rural regions, and 166 happened because of driving under the influence of alcohol.

In close to 45% of the car crashes in Arkansas, the deceased was said to engage in some kind of the risky traffic behavior like not wearing a seatbelt, alcohol impairment, or speeding.

Fayetteville, a city in Arkansas, also has its share of car accidents, with a few types of accidents that are common. In this article, we will speak about this and how a lawyer can be of help.

Types of Car Accidents in Fayetteville

Not all car accidents are the same. While some can come under a rash driving accident, others can be because of distracted driving or speeding. It is necessary to know about the type of car accident as that helps to file a lawsuit and claim compensation.

In most cases, your Fayetteville car accident lawyer will examine your case, let you know about the type of accident, and determine whether you are eligible to file a lawsuit.

The 3 common car crash types include: 

Rear-End Collisions

This type of accident takes place when the tailing driver doesn’t stop and hits a car that is ahead of them. Even though rear-end collisions comprise a huge chunk of traffic accidents, they only lead to 29% of severe injury cases. Many such accidents take place at a reduced speed as the tailing driver ‌stops their car before the impact.

Typically, the tailing driver is considered accountable as they tend to drive very fast and cannot stop. The odds are ‌against the tailing driver. There are situations where the liability completely shifts to the driver in front.

T-Bone or Side-Impact Collisions

A side-impact collision happens when a driver runs a stop sign or a stoplight. It can also occur when they aren’t able to observe things correctly. Usually, this crash includes the front end of a car hitting the side of another vehicle, thereby resulting in a T-shape. Irrespective of the name, this type of accident is fatal, as the majority of cars have very little flank reinforcement.

The car manufacturers didn’t have to add the side airbags until 2009. As a result, most of the car models don’t possess them. The National Safety Council states that side-impact accidents nationwide account for 34% of traffic accidents and lead to 50% of deaths.

In terms of liability, there is a possibility that any one driver involved in any dangerous driving practices will have to face the fault.

Drowsy and Distracted Driving

Tired driving can be fatal and can cause severe bruises, spinal cord injuries, and sometimes even death. Despite several attempts from the federal government, many car drivers don’t adhere to the traffic speed limits, which results in crashes. Fatigue is the principal reason that makes the driver fall asleep and leads to accidents.

Drivers often need to reach a destination within a brief time, and they are tired. This causes them to drive fast and overlook traffic signals because of an impaired judgment that comes from fatigue, causing a fatal crash.

The presence and excessive use of tablets, smartphones, and various other electronic gadgets have been the reasons for several car crashes. Drivers are often found guilty of checking social media and texting while driving, which causes accidents.

Can a Lawyer Help?

Since Arkansas is an at-fault state, the driver who is accountable for the crash is the one who compensates the affected party for their suffering and losses. The accident victim can attain this compensation by filing a lawsuit or insurance claim. There are times when the driver at fault pays out of pocket to cover their losses. The same rule applies to any accident in Fayetteville.

Keith Law Group states that when a car accident victim decides to file a lawsuit, they should get in touch with a lawyer and act under their guidance. The lawyer is aware of the workings of the legal system and can prepare and present their case in the best way possible. 

The victims should submit every piece of evidence, including accident photographs, medical documents, and healthcare data, to their lawyer so that they can use it to build a strong case.

In conclusion, no one wants to encounter a car accident in Fayetteville. For that, it is necessary to adhere to a set of safe driving practices and keep one’s focus on the streets. Even then, there is a chance of someone facing an accident. In such a situation, the victim must know the cause and seek both medical and legal aid. 


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