Masha Bucher, Founder of Day One Ventures, Joins the Milken Institute Global Conference in Los Angeles

Masha Bucher, Founder of Day One Ventures, Joins the Milken Institute Global Conference in Los Angeles

Masha Bucher attended the Milken Institute Global Conference from May 5-8; the event brings entrepreneurs and executives together to discuss their latest innovations and disruptive technology. Bucher, founder of venture capital firm Day One Ventures, was recently accepted into the Milken Institute’s membership program, with her official induction taking place at the prestigious global conference. She brings a wealth of experience to Milken, particularly as a minority founder supporting minority tech founders in the challenging funding world.

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A Milken Young Global Leader 

Masha Bucher is a Milken Young Global Leader, a title she earned through her impressive business acumen and unshakable commitment to tech entrepreneurs. As a respected thought leader in the tech community, she provides funding to early-stage startups that are ready to share their vision with the world. Her fund, Day One Ventures, has built an exceptionally successful business model, achieving a cumulative portfolio of companies surpassing $35 billion in just a few years. By focusing her efforts on a mere handful of companies, she was able to reach unicorn status in one of the most competitive industries in the world.

Stepping Up to the Plate 

The portfolio companies of Day One Ventures are largely helmed by minority or women founders. As an immigrant minority-owned business owner herself, Masha Bucher was excited to add her voice to the conference. Her investment success enhanced the Milken Institute’s Center for the Financial Markets.

The Institute is known for helping leaders and trendsetters alike bring their perspectives to the table and share what the future looks like — and the best ways to get there. The nonprofit’s conference featured over 800 speakers and more than 150 presentations and discussions. Whether on a panel or over coffee, the attendees had the opportunity to learn and grow from one another.

Bucher wants people to live healthier and more fulfilling lives. She’s giving more than just a platform to the brilliant minds who are driving this mission forward. That explains why Bucher is simultaneously proud to inspire tech entrepreneurs and is humbly inspired by their efforts. Her attendance at the Milken Institute Global Conference was a chance to make new connections and begin new collaborations.

The Space Between Art and Technology 

Masha Bucher has long been fascinated with visual media, influenced by her family’s legacy in both art and architecture. She’s more than just a collector; she believes in art’s ability to decode technology, adding human elements that can be easy to miss. This philosophy is demonstrated in her collaborations, as she leans on art to help fill the gap between society and technology.

Masha wants to see a world where tech and society seamlessly work in tandem. As a general partner of Day One Ventures, she supports companies and founders who demonstrate this same dedication. With venture capital funding, leaders have the resources they need to tell their stories and connect with the people they can help. Ultimately, Bucher is setting the stage for a more connected and diverse world.

Before Day One Ventures began in 2018, Masha was an angel investor and founder of M&A PR Studio and served as the vice president of communications at Acronis and head of communications at Runa Capital. After partnering with companies like PandaDoc, Houzz, and Gett, Bucher quickly grew to master the arts of investment and collaboration — both of which she’d need to step into the world of venture capital.

Representing the Underrepresented 

Series A funding is a major hurdle for women, people of color, the LGBTQ+ community, and immigrants. They face not just a lack of representation in the industry, but also systemic biases and inequalities. These companies frequently wither before they can grow. If founders want to access capital, they need a powerful advocate in their corner.

At Day One Ventures, founders aren’t judged by their race, nationality, or sexual orientation. With this belief as the cornerstone, Bucher has helped companies raise more than $1 billion. In fact, more than half of her portfolio companies are led by diverse founders and entrepreneurs. While it’s clear that all startups face growing pains, Bucher gives leaders more support during the most challenging points in their careers.

The Success of Masha Bucher 

Bucher is no stranger to major achievements in her professional career. After spending more than a decade in communications and public relations, she joined what grew into one of the most active VC firms in Eastern Europe. Bucher’s M&A PR Studio generated revenue in the tens of millions of dollars before she sold her shares of the company to her colleagues. Ultimately, she left because she believed in her ability to recognize talent and innovation before others. 

Now, she provides the funding and hands-on support that these companies need to get off the ground. This includes mentorship, coaching, networking opportunities, and marketing support. As a former PR specialist herself, she saw how difficult it was for new companies to share their ideas in a captivating way.

Early-stage entrepreneurs often lack the money to hire PR firms, and are left with little more than grassroots efforts to spread the word. If those campaigns don’t go viral, it can force entrepreneurs back to the drawing board. Now, with support from Day One Ventures, companies can raise additional capital to generate attention and catch fire in their marketplace. One CEO under Bucher’s umbrella praised Day One Venture for their ability to step in when needed most. Whether founders need advice, an introduction to an investor, or a new team member, they can count on Bucher and her team to come through.

Day One Ventures is a nod to the Day 1 philosophy coined by billionaire Jeff Bezos. Under this philosophy, customers come first, risks and innovation are a must, and long-term planning is part of every decision. Between her unyielding work ethic and her commitment to our larger world, Bucher managed to raise $20 million in 2018, $52 million in 2020, and accumulate $200 million in assets under management. Her success was recognized by making the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in 2019.

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